Tahiti and Her Islands

Posted by: Raymond Farnesi on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

A vacation in Tahiti is the stuff dreams are made of. If you are looking for the ultimate getaway vacation to a beautiful location that will transport you far beyond the reaches of normal existence, Tahiti is the place for you.


As professional online travel agents, we've had the pleasure of spending time in some of the planet's most beautiful and revered locations. While every place is different, Tahiti is a Queen amongst travel destinations. Her beauty, spirit and other-worldly essence are unlike any other place in the world. For this reason, we recommend taking time to see Tahiti and bask in her natural glory and beautiful vistas for yourself.

Less than eight flight-hours away from Los Angeles, Tahiti's islands are nestled in the warm waters of the South Pacific. While the islands are similar, each has its own unique beauty and energy. Moorea is ideal for those who enjoy a bustling vacation destination, Bora Bora is the top pick for travelers who fantasize about relaxing in their own over-water Bungalow, and the Atolls provide the most exotic retreat - Vanilla Island contains one single resort.


Tahitian waters are like a smooth ombréd glass that change from blue to green, and the sunlight refracts into rainbow colors under their surface. Fish and corals in remarkably vibrant colors swim below beach bungalows built right over the water, and snorkeling in private pools and lagoons is never more than a staircase away.

The perfect temperature of the lagoons makes it possible to cultivate the famous Tahitian Pearls, sometimes known as Black Pearls, that are irregular in shape and shimmer with shades of green, blues, and purples - a timeless token of your dream vacation.

Of course, no vacation would be complete without delicious wining and dining. You can start your day with a chocolate croissant and gourmet coffee and finish it with some of Tahiti's most famous dishes. These include a traditional steak in red wine sauce, Mahi Mahi in a vanilla sauce, or perfectly prepared duck in an orange sauce. Not surprisingly, fresh fish - including sushi and sashimi - are always available. Tahiti is truly a place to become peacefully insulated from the real world while you restore yourself in Mother Nature's most beautiful landscape. Does a vacation in Tahiti sound like just the thing to refresh and recharge your batteries? Contact the travel experts at Farnesi Travel to skip the inconvenience of traditional travel planning so you can look forward to the vacation of a lifetime.


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