Hidden Gems of Puglia

Posted by: Farnesi Travel on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 5:00:00 pm

Translucent azure seas, hilltop towns speckled with generations-old olive groves, delicious farm-to-table cuisine, and unique architecture ranging from Romanesque Cathedrals to historic castles - all of this and more are ready to be discovered on your trip to Puglia, Italy. 

Looking for Places to Visit in Italy? Travel to the Heel of the Boot and Join us in Puglia

Puglia is located on the Salento Peninsula, the southernmost portion of Italy. It forms the heel of Italy's iconic "boot," surrounded by the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Puglia's varied geography provides hilltop and coastal towns as well as sandy beaches. A visit to this beautiful region will dazzle all of your senses.

Upon arrival, your eyes are immediately rewarded with vistas of nearly-translucent water and coastal towns with picturesque white stone buildings topped with the cone roofs (called trulli) that the area is known for. Must-see destinations include Matera, which is known as the Citta Sotterranea, or the "City Underground," where  pre-historic cave dwellings are carved into the stone sides of the village with a tiny street built above them. Lecce is another beautiful option and is considered the "Florence of the South" because it's one of Puglia's most celebrated artistic and cultural centers.

Just outside of Bari, you will be in awe of the Grotte di Castellana, which are stunning caves filled with unbelievable rock and mineral formations that are one of Puglia's most famous attractions. They are considered a natural wonder and allow you to witness 90 million years in motion.

As you make your way from town to town, you will be able to delight your palate with local, seasonal flavors. The charming town of Altamura is famous for its Panne di Altamura. The area's ample sun and fertile soil make for full-bodied red wines like Salice Salentino, Primitivos, and Nerdo di Troia.

Each time you sit down to a meal, rest assured the ingredients are all locally-grown, creating unbelievably fresh and tantalizing flavors, comprising Italian recipes that have been passed down through Puglia's families for generations.

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