Farnesi Answers Some Commonly Asked Questions About Travel Agents

Posted by: Farnesi Travel on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 3:00:00 pm

Travelers love the mystery and wonder of what's just over the horizon. Experienced travelers don't wonder because they take a map with them. To that end, the following are some common questions regarding why you need a travel agent who can help guide your journeys into the vastness of the world:

Do you charge fees? 

We don't. We're paid by our tour operators and vendors. When you find a price on the web and contact us to book it for you, the price is the same as if you contacted the operator or vendor directly. This extends to consultations where we'll be glad to share our expertise and travel wisdom with anyone who calls or sends us an email.

Should I secure travel insurance?

We strongly recommend doing so. Travel insurance covers you should the unexpected happen on your dream vacation. From broken bones, to lost wallets, travel insurance lets you rest easy.

Are travel agents obsolete?

Absolutely not. Even with the vast amount of information on the internet, that's nothing compared to the expertise gained from a lifetime of travel. Travel agents help coordinate the logistics of your travels so that you're never stranded and get to experience the very most from your travels.

How do you guarantee worry-free travel?

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but we do guarantee that we'll do everything we can to ensure that the planning of your trip is thorough and as risk-free as possible. Should something occur, we'll work with you to minimize the disruption and get you back on course.

We'd love to talk travel with you! We invite you to contact Farnesi Travel with your questions about why you need a travel agent and to chart your course over the horizon.


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