Take a River Cruise This Summer to See Some Enchanting Waterfront Cities

Posted by: Farnesi Travel on Monday, July 20, 2015 at 9:00:00 am

There is something purely captivating about seeing the world from the prow of a ship on a river cruise. This is true whether you are cruising the Volga and enjoying reading Dostoevsky on deck, or sailing down the Yangtze and marveling at the jagged crevices of the Jianggendiru glacier. 

River cruises provide a unique opportunity to see a large swath of a country without having to unpack or change hotels. This makes traveling simple. Further, waterways remain the primary pathway of commerce through many countries which means traveling down them provides a unique and unfiltered view of daily life you will never forget.

As the summer season sets sail, the following are some cruises we highly recommend:

  • Victoria Cruises: The Majesty of the Yangtze -  Enjoy traveling through the marvels and splendors of China as you enjoy the comforts of their luxuriously appointed vessels. Coupled with multi-lingual cruise directors, you'll see China in a way few ever will, and you'll take with you snapshots of some of the most beautiful waterfront cities in the world including the White Emperor City, Shibaozhai, and Fengdu.
  • Viking Cruises: Blue Danube - You'll be humming Strauss from Budapest to Nuremberg as you cruise along Europe's most romantic waterway. For 8 days you'll take in the sights and sounds of Hungary, Austria, and Germany. With top-tier service and a relaxed itinerary, this cruise offers plenty of opportunities for peaceful relaxation.
  • Aqua Expeditions - Looking for adventure? Aqua Expeditions will take you deep into the Amazon or all the way down the Mekong. If you're itching to prove that you're a real life Indiana Jones, then grab your fedora because you won't want to miss sailing time.

Ready to set sail on a river cruise? Contact Farnesi Travel at 888-931-2922 and we'll make the arrangements for you.


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